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Hi! I知 Kerry Cartier, and I知 the originator of the DisasterGuy website. If you don稚 mind, I値l write this profile as if I知 talking with you.

As a kid I spent a lot of time running around in the desert. I had a .22 rifle, a dog, and whatever 田amping gear I could make or scrounge in the house. My only store-bought camping gear was a sheath knife. As a teenager I camped in the mountains. As an adult I got a job in Alaska, where I camped, fished, hunted, and flew all over the state. It was wonderful, a dream come true.

I致e spent at least 3 years camping out in a tent or under the stars, and I wasn稚 even in the Army. Three years doesn稚 make me the great outdoorsman, but I do camp comfortably regardless of weather. I use a minimum of camping gear because I know what isn稚 required. Besides, there痴 less to carry.

I致e got a bachelor痴 and a master痴 degree in journalism. This, with a 25-year career in public relations, brought me many awards and honors. By the standards of the profession, I was very successful. When I retired, I put the career behind me and asked one question: What do I need to know how to do, to survive if society collapsed? It sure wasn稚 public relations!

In Alaska, a bush pilot taught me to fly. He taught me situational awareness. The bush flying experience helped when I built my own airplanes powered by snowmobile engines. I could land almost anywhere when the engine quit. I built and licensed three Experimental aircraft, including one I designed myself. If you want to develop self-confidence design, build, and fly your own airplane! If you do this, you can also design and build and do just about anything.

For example, I took basic CERT training, got a Tech ham radio license, trained to be a wildfire fighter, trained to be a coal mine inspector, got the FAA sign-offs to take the aviation mechanic痴 test, built a flatbed trailer, built a travel trailer, wrote dozens of published articles, wrote aircraft assembly manuals, and wrote a book on American Indian history.

For years I had a Federal Firearms License and sold guns. Usually I sold long guns to hunters, then sold handguns to their wives and taught them defensive shooting. While I sold a lot of guns, like a dummy I did not buy a lot of them for myself. Now I知 retired and can稚 afford to buy guns. So much for thinking ahead.

In a survival situation or an emergency, I think everyone should have a gun and know how and when to use it. Having a concealed weapons license is smart, as is carrying one for self-defense purposes. But I don稚 agree that people need a house full of guns and ammunition. They池e expensive, and I壇 rather see people spend that money on food.

After decades of riding motorcycles, I finally had the big accident and broke my thighbone. I learned that even with pain and injury, I took charge of the situation. I wasn稚 a coward or a whiner. Learning this was worth the pain I guess there痴 no way to learn it otherwise.

I have Seneca Indian ancestry, and the motorcycle accident gave me a chance to pass the kind of Indian manhood test that no one takes any longer. It opened some spiritual doors for me, too, into a traditional Indian world different from the assumptions of normal American society. I learned a second viewpoint on life.

I am also an active, church-going Mormon who has the church calling of Scoutmaster over a Mormon Boy Scout troop. I get to teach outdoor skills, go camping, watch boys progress in Scouting, and even help some become Eagle Scouts. This is the best church calling a man can have, I believe. It痴 the only church calling that offers a free one-week summer vacation with free food and entertainment (Boy Scout summer camp).

I have studied the gospel intensely. For example, I spent three years studying the Book of Isaiah. None of this has been for publication or as part of any church curriculum. In the church, we say many things are true. I take these things apart and ask how true they are. The way to know if something is true is to learn as much as you can about it, decide whether it is true, then pray for a confirming answer. There are no rewards. I simply want to know. Thanks to answers to my prayers, I致e learned a lot. God has been good to me.

You値l find Mormon stuff on the website. Mormons are into food storage, provident living, etc. I often use the best Mormon information I can find, because often it is the best information available. If that bothers you, ignore it. If I were Methodist, and Baptists were into food storage, I壇 use Baptist sources.

I was fortunate to marry my first and only love, and we致e been married for 42 years. When people hear this, they usually respond by congratulating me. I think that happens because these days, very few people stay married 42 years. If there were more women like my wife, extended marriages would be more common. We have two kids, of whom I am proud. We have three grand-kids, and I haven稚 been able to figure out which one is my favorite. I値l skip the details on my wife, kids, and grand-kids, since this profile is supposed to be about me.

One of my friends says that I致e been everywhere and done everything. Not so! All I致e tried to do is pack three lifetimes-worth of experiences into one.

I値l summarize this profile with a story. When I moved to Alaska, a young couple froze to death in their car on the highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks. They ran the engine to stay warm, until they ran out of gas. They were found wrapped in each other痴 arms, frozen to death. So romantic! So stupid! They could have covered their car with snow for insulation. They could have cut up the seat covers and wrapped up in them. Many things they could have done to survive, they didn稚 do and they froze to death when they didn稚 have to.

Preparing for emergencies and surviving disasters is not that difficult. It takes some time and money, and just about anyone can do it. Over the years I致e learned a few tricks, and the DisasterGuy website is a way to pass them on. Most of the DisasterGuy Tips are pretty simple no rocket science involved. I致e done them. You can do them, too. Maybe, just maybe, one of the Tips will save somebody痴 life someday.

And in the meantime, my wife thinks that what痴 on the website is pretty neat.

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