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Build a Disaster Kit


Build a Disaster Kit

When we put “survival kits” in our vehicles in 1975, many people thought we’d gone bananas. Our friends in Kansas City didn’t understand. A few ranchers in Wyoming did. Generally, it wasn’t fashionable.

Today, it is even politically correct to have a “72-hour kit.” U.S. Government agencies like FEMA provide detailed lists. After you’ve determined what disasters you might have to survive, you know what belongs in your disaster kit. Look at the “Emergency Kit” category for Tips on Basic Disaster Kits and their contents.

You will need to have someone out-of-state whom members of your family can phone during an emergency. He or she can tell everyone in your family their individual status and location. If the cell phone network is busy, text. It is likely to go through when a phone call will not. If you don’t know how to text, ask a teenager to teach you.

One last thing. The most important component in an emergency kit is water. You need 12 two-liter bottles for 2 people for 3 days. Do not neglect having drinkable water on hand! Some “experts” recommend having a quart of water and a water filter. Believe me, you can’t drink the filter! Have enough water on hand.

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