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Basic Disaster Kit


Basic Disaster Kit

A disaster kit is a collection of basic household items you can bring with you in an emergency. While you can buy expensive pre-made kits, you don’t have to spend the money. Use what you’ve got, and add to it as you can afford it. See the Tip “$20 72-Hour Emergency Kit: DIY!.” This was designed for a college student in a dorm. It might work for you.

It’s easy to put too much in your Basic Disaster Kit. The way to find out what you need is to take your kit camping. Make a list of what’s in your kit. When you get home, put a check mark by what you used. After you camp with your kit two or three times, you’ll have a good idea of what you need and what you don’t. DO NOT BELIEVE YOU NEED EVERY ITEM ON ANY OF THE DISASTERGUY TIP LISTS. You need to make YOUR OWN LIST!

How much is too much? Our most basic “72-hour Emergency Bug-Out Kit for 2 Adults!” (see Tip) weighs 64 pounds. Water is 50 pounds of that. You’ll need something to carry the water, like a wagon. On the other hand, our Tip on the ”Emergency/Camping Kit for Pickup Truck!” gives details on a kit that weighs about 120 pounds. That’s not too big, if you have a pickup truck to carry it.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has suggestions for a kit. See the Tip “FEMA Disaster Supply Kit.” This is the only Tip on the website that requires 4 pages!

What is the priority for what goes into the kit? Here’s the priority we use when loading our 72-hour kit’s contents:

  1. Shelter
  2. Water
  3. Fire/Signal
  4. Survival Tools
  5. Personal Hygiene
  6. Eating Utensils
  7. Overnight Kit
  8. Other
  9. Food

Regarding “food,” in a pinch you do not require food for 3 days. Personally, I could live off excess body fat for that time period. Don’t plan to unless I have to, though.

One other thing. If you have an elderly relative living alone, consider making a “Blackout Kit for Granny” and teaching her to use it.

Look at these Tips:

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